About Abraar Arique

Hi there! My name's Abraar and I'm a JavaScript programmer and web applications developer. I still remember the first time I used a computer, and I soon realized that I loved technology and I had a keen interest in them. When I was about 12, I started learning to write code. My first programming language was (you guessed it!) JavaScript. Back then, I was reading a free online tutorial on JavaScript. I was trying to learn the language, but there was only one problem: I couldn't understand a single thing! I had to revisit and reread the same tutorial multiple times, and finally, after a long time, I started to understand what was going on. Something clicked inside my head and suddenly everything became a lot clearer and easier. I later realized there's often a steep learning curve when it comes to programming languages like JavaScript. And I had quite a hard time trying to understand it. But I kept at it. I worked on several personal projects. And then I started working on real projects with real people. Over the years, I got a lot more comfortable with JavaScript. Like most other developers, I tried out different languages throughout my career, including some Ruby, Python, Java, and more. But JavaScript always had a special place in my heart. It was my first and my favorite. And now my goal is to share my knowledge and what I've learned over the years with you! I hope you'll join me on this amazing experience!
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